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Become a stronger, more powerful version of yourself.

Strength. Fitness. Nutrition.

We will work together to build a strong relationship as a client/trainer working together to reach your goals. The ultimate goal is to get you to your fitness goals as fast as possible and as safely as possible.

You will have 24/7 access to me for any questions you may have, check ins, etc via text, email, phone/skype. Whichever method of communication works best for you. If we need to discuss form and/or go over more in depth into a movement or topic you or I feel is important to discuss we may have to resort to doing a skype call.

I work very diligent to make sure you reach your fitness goals by holding you accountable as well as being your emotional secure base to push through the more difficult times.

If you need someone to listen to you when you feel as though the workouts are becoming more difficult, or if you just want someone to listen to your concerns or thoughts that you feel are getting in your way to your fitness goals - I am all ears! I will not only be your trainer, I am your secure base and cheerleader.

I also am proactive in making sure your experience with the app is simple and easy. I am always open to your feedback on what ever topic you feel needs to be voiced. 

I am not opposed to "constructive criticism;" for, that will only help me help as well as help others! 

All your workouts, forms, payments, nutrition program, everything is conducted through the app. Your exercises will be demonstrated for you through the app as I will go into detail on what exercises I will prescribe for you.

We first begin by assessing your movement pattern then discuss your goals and the plan I have for you to get you there. I do program with and without gym equipment. If you have access to a gym the main pieces of equipment I would have you using include barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells up to 90 lbs, and medicine balls/yoga balls (you will get stronger over time, don't let the weights intimidate you). 

I am flexible and understanding of your concerns, limitations, questions or what have you. If you feel you need more instruction with the workouts I understand that every body is different and I will be there for you every step of the way. 

This program not only includes your fitness workout routines and nutrition plan, but also rehab exercises that are a paramount to incorporate to prevent injury.

In this program you will receive a done for you fitness program that that will be delivered to you electronically and you will have access to via the fitness app.

More Details coming soon!


Yelena is a great trainer that really personalizes a program for you and your goals. She crafts individual meal plans and workouts. She balances weight training and cardio to burn fat and tone up. Her number one focus is on safety and warming up muscles before going into the high weight reps. Over the last year I have lost both inches and more than 70lb. Her guidance and support has built my self confidence and I am no longer scared of the gym. She works one on one to really teach you the proper form so you are replicate all movements safely when you are working alone. I can’t speak more highly of her!

Victoria Robinson


Making Fitness Fun!

Yelena holds a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science with a concentration in Health Fitness from the University of Salisbury. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. 

In 2011 she began training and prepping competitively for her ventures in both powerlifting and bodybuilding. Yelena's passion for the fitness industry has grown exponentially after deciding to pursue a career in the industry and helping others become a stronger and powerful version of themselves. ​

Yelena has extensive experience training clients between ages 18 and 75 and working with rehab patients at a chiropractor/physical therapy clinic whom are recovering from musculoskeletal injuries. 

Yelena is not only focused on getting you to your goal as fast as possible, but also as safe as possible. She understands that if her client(s) want to change the way they look and feel better in their skin - it's a lifestyle change they will have to make. She makes sure her clients are aware that this isn't a get fit "quick;" rather, it is a get strong, fit, and look great for life!

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